Twitter user lvallana posted a picture last week from an establishment in Pittsburgh selling whole fresh catfish, but not to Preds fans. I guess they are just not amused by the ritual of Preds fans of smuggling whole catfish into games and tossing them onto the ice.

Bless their hearts.

Are we supposed to be offended? We don’t want their yankee catfish anyway. A real fan would carry a cooler of catfish as far as necessary (and he did). Keep your catfish, Pittsburgh. Though one has to wonder if they even know what to do with it …

Anyway, here in Nashville, we’re happy to sell catfish to anyone and everyone, regardless of provenance. But the best thing to do is buy it already cornmeal battered and fried from a local restaurant. Here are a few to try for anyone visiting Nashville, whether it’s for The Stanley Cup, CMA Music Fest, or Bonnaroo.

Hot Catfish
Knock out two musts on your Nashville experience by getting Nashville hot catfish.

The Sutler in Melrose offers hot catfish with a twist: hot catfish tacos served with comeback sauce, which could be Mississippi’s greatest contribution to the culinary world.

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