Ohhhhh, bach weekends… One of the best times of a group of friends lives! Bach Weekends are usually a 48-hour period FULL of barhopping, laughter, and tons of fun activities (some of which we never speak of again!).

But then we wake up the next morning. We are met face to face with the dreaded head pounding, dry mouth, sick feeling HANGOVER. What do we all need most on mornings like these? An enormously good a** meal, to say the least.

We understand your pain, baches. That’s why we’ve picked the 5 BEST RESTAURANTS in Nashville to cure that awful hangover in the morning.

Two words: Bluegrass Brunch. This city-known brunch experience is full of live music, a gorgeously long breakfast cocktail list (Take the Morning Glory shot to kick your inner party animal back into gear!) and amazing food! Featuring everything from their famous sweet potato pancakes, breakfast tacos and biscuit benedict, the Sutler Saloon is the place to be for the crew who’s looking to start the morning STRONG!

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