If our city were a circus — and let’s be honest, sometimes that doesn’t seem like much of a stretch — we’d like to think the Nashville Scene would be the carnival barker on the midway. That’s us, clad in black and red with a tophat and megaphone, shouting out the various artists, restaurants, bands, activists, podcasts and pet stores that make our city great.

From chefs and bakers to ceramics makers, from Nashville Predators to magazine editors, this issue has it all. In the 31st iteration of our annual Best of Nashville issue, we bring you both our readers’ poll winners and our writers’ choices — scores of entries gathered up from every corner of town. What’s our writers’ choice for Best New Restaurant? Who did you, our dear readers, select as Nashville’s Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners? Best Doughnuts? Best Wrestler? Best Jazz Vocalist? It’s all here, and loads more.

Step right up, folks, and take a gander at our fair city’s world-class attractions. It’s the Best of Nashville 2019.


The Sutler / The Rambler Cocktail Bar / Melrose Billiard Parlor

The Melrose strip of bars and restaurants at 2600 Franklin Pike offers the opportunity to hit up no fewer than three bars without worrying about getting any of that fresh air that other people keep raving about. Start at The Sutler Saloon, where you can listen to live music while enjoying an admirable selection of whiskeys and craft beers. Then head downstairs to sister establishment Rambler Cocktail Bar, where talented mixologists prepare classic drinks in a sultry subterranean environment. For a more lowbrow good time, duck out the back hallway of the Rambler into Melrose Billiard Parlor, an iconic local pool hall and bar where everybody knows your name, but won’t tell anyone that they saw you there.

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