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Adam Chaffins

Friday, August 14, 2020 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

In an era where everything craves a label, Adam Chaffins’ music defies the norm.

Though the music identifies with several genres, it fits securely into none. Instead, the music is a reflection of Adam, past and present, weaving together his personal and musical experiences to create a sound and mood that is distinctly unique while being comfortably familiar.

A recognized veteran of the Nashville music scene, Adam’s May 2019 release of his highly applauded video, “I’m Over You (Live) from Southern Ground Nashville, garnered recognition on CMT and from Rolling Stone, who called it “cinematic … that prizes layers over dense heaps of sound.” Adam’s cover of “I’m Over You” — originally recorded by his country music hero, the late Keith Whitley — was released in a three-song EP, the live video along with studio and acoustic versions, highlighting Adam’s unique depth as a musician and his scope as a vocalist. NPR declared he is “attuned to the potential sophistication of downhome forms – the jazzy complexity and expressive depth of bluegrass and country” with a “billowy, rhythmic unplugged rendition” that “artfully captures transparent denial and agonized pining.” Chaffins comes “from a Eastern Kentucky country-music hotbed” NPR stated, but “brings enough R&B and indie rock to his Americana blend to make an original statement.”

In addition to his recent releases, the songwriting, classically trained, multi-instrumentalist is in demand as a session musician as well as playing with a range of interesting artists and high-profile bands.

Adam’s debut full-length album, Some Things Won’t Last, is the next leg of a journey and the birth of a dream. Scheduled for release in February 2020, the album was born from the constant progression of Adam’s music, honoring past experiences while always moving forward, creating a new palate of sound that might not have existed before and inviting diverse audiences that might not have come together before.

Recorded at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Nashville, Producer/Musician Ethan Ballinger and Engineer/Co-Producer Brandon Bell merged their visions with Adam’s, embracing his wide-ranging sonic palette and unique voice. The result is Some Things Won’t Last, a nine-song album featuring a range from fuzz-toned, drum-driven rockers to ballads laced with symphonic swells. It lays bare the many layers of Adam and his music.

Adam transforms the dichotomy of his experiences into a melodic, moody mix that highlights his assertive, soulful baritone and his command over a band’s energy. Adam Chaffins and Some Things Won’t Last stand alone, using vocals, notes and emotions to attract a diverse, yet cohesive, audience, all while inviting it to feel.