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Born in San Francisco, California, Ainsley oozed talent and creativity before she could walk and talk. Always very outgoing, a people’s person, she was always performing, singing and dancing. Ainsley could at the same time be very solitary, content writing poetry and stories, drawing and painting and making artwork for hours. Culturally diverse, Ainsley grew up in the USA then New Zealand, Chile and Australia.

At the early age of sixteen she graduated High School and went on to further her musical and performing arts career attending WB Academy of Performing Arts. She studied Voice, Dance, Acting, Fencing & Fight Choreography. Ainsley’s original music started to bloom as soon as she picked up a guitar with only three chords under her belt! Ever since then she has continued to write hundreds of songs, record and perform all over the world. Ainsley has toured many countries sharing her music and message with her devout fans.

In the UK she played some of the most historic and iconic venues, was featured in ‘ R2 (Rock N Reel)’ magazine and had numerous radio appearances and interviews. Another highlight was opening for ‘The Drifters’ in London. Ainsley also frequently tours South America where her popularity is significant. Ainsley was a special invitee to The Gala De Prensa for The Vina Del Mar 2015 Festival as a featured guest artist. Surrounding this famous event, she had a very successful radio and press tour of Chile all documented by a TV crew. Her music is constantly played on commercial and independent radio throughout Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

When asked about writing music Ainsley says “In the moments of creating music and writing lyrics, I feel so inspired and totally in my element” Based out of Nashville TN. USA, Ainsley writes, performs and records in the famous Music City collaborating with world renown Artists, Producers, Writers, Musicians and Photographers daily, feeding her artistic soul, surrounded by constant creative talent.

Ainsley’s music is influenced by classic rock, folk, blues and country styles. Her voice can be described as angelic but at the same time is very strong, versatile, dynamic, unique and moving. Ainsley’s use of vocal and lyrical melody in her songwriting , develop a new refreshing sound. Ainsley’s songs are soulful and catchy and interest the listener with their raw relativity and metaphoric poetry.

Ainsley’s live performance with her band is vibrant, rockin’ and energetic. Her acoustic sets can be a little more intimate and emotive but deeply engaging. Ainsley excites the crowd with her great stage presence, her guitar becoming an extension of her performance and showmanship. Ainsley gives the audience 100% in very performance no matter the size of her crowd and gives off a raw emotion live as on record.

When asked about performing Ainsley expresses that “the stage feels like home to me, the place where I am totally at peace within myself.”


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