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Nicole Kerns

Friday, May 17 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

 Nicole began singing as soon as she could talk.  At the tender age of three, Nicole attended her first concert. That was only the beginning of her musical journey. “I know this sounds crazy because I was only 3 but the minute I stepped into the stadium, I knew where I belonged”.

By age seven, Nicole became a crowd favorite on Fremont Street. But living in Las Vegas, finding a venue allowing someone under the age of twenty-one to sing, was difficult. 

Realizing the passion Nicole had for music, her parents set out to find a vocal coach. “I was so young so it was hard to find a coach that would take me seriously and help me get to the next level”.

In 2003, Nicole attended an Aaron Carter concert, where she met a man in the elevator carrying an Aaron Carter tour bag.  “I asked him if he knew Aaron and he said he was Aaron’s vocal coach. I was so excited I think I screamed. I asked him if he would coach me. He laughed and then asked me to sing for him. So I did. When he got out of the elevator, he told me I had that spark and gave my mom his number”.

Within a month, at the age of nine, Nicole was traveling weekly to San Francisco to work with Raz Kennedy. “The first day I worked with him he asked me why I wanted to sing. I told him I wanted to make a difference and to make people happy. No one listens to a little girl, but everyone listens to a song”. 

And listen is what they did. Before long, Nicole was singing with various bands and spending weekends in LA working with various artist development coaches. 

Spending weekends in LA might make it tough for someone so young to lead a normal life or deal with the disappointments of trying to make it in the music industry. “I’ve definitely had my share of setbacks. I think that will happen with anything you choose to do in life. But I believe in myself and I am blessed to have people who also believe in me. That keeps me going”.

Nicole has been a volunteer for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Sunrise Hospital Pediatric floor, Goodwill, Shine Foundation, and serves as a mentor for youth offenders with addiction.   Nicole  graduated from the Clark County Death Investigation Academy and has a college degree in Criminal Justice

Artist Nicole Kerns at The Sutler Saloon