10 Places to Eat Catfish in Nashville

Jun 2, 2017


I’m not a superstitious person, but with the Predators trailing the Penguins 0-2 in the Stanley Cup Final, I’m willing to think outside the box.

The city rallied behind Jacob Waddell after he was ejected from PPG Paints Arena during Game 1 on Monday for launching a 4-pound catfish onto the ice. Now maybe it’s time to focus our attention on consuming the Southern delicacy.

From high-end restaurants to sports bars and food trucks, it’s pretty easy to get your catfish fix in Nashville. If nothing else, at least it gets us in the spirit to rally from behind and take home the Cup.

The Sutler
For a Nashville take on catfish, try The Sutler’s hot catfish tacos with kale peanut slaw and comeback sauce for $10. Location: 2600 8th Ave. S.

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Where to Get the Best 'Catfish' in Nashville

Jun 1, 2017

Twitter user lvallana posted a picture last week from an establishment in Pittsburgh selling whole fresh catfish, but not to Preds fans. I guess they are just not amused by the ritual of Preds fans of smuggling whole catfish into games and tossing them onto the ice.

Bless their hearts.

Are we supposed to be offended? We don’t want their yankee catfish anyway. A real fan would carry a cooler of catfish as far as necessary (and he did). Keep your catfish, Pittsburgh. Though one has to wonder if they even know what to do with it ...

Anyway, here in Nashville, we're happy to sell catfish to anyone and everyone, regardless of provenance. But the best thing to do is buy it already cornmeal battered and fried from a local restaurant. Here are a few to try for anyone visiting Nashville, whether it’s for The Stanley Cup, CMA Music Fest, or Bonnaroo.

Hot Catfish
Knock out two musts on your Nashville experience by getting Nashville hot catfish.

The Sutler in Melrose offers hot catfish with a twist: hot catfish tacos served with comeback sauce, which could be Mississippi’s greatest contribution to the culinary world.

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Best Brunch Spots In Nashville

May 24, 2017

Nashville has become a city full of culinary talent providing locals with amazing restaurants. While dinner often steals the spotlight, we are highlighting the Best Nashville Brunch Spots! We define the best brunch spots based on menus, originality, and atmosphere. All of the following restaurants are locally owned and operated!

When: Saturday & Sunday (10:00am to 3:00pm)

Drink Specials: Bottomless Mimosas for $15

What to Order: Chicken Fried Chicken Biscuits

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The 10 Best Places in Nashville to See Live Music

Apr 10, 2017

You've heard the old cliché: Nashville is more than just country music.

But today more than ever, that’s really true.If you tune out at the sound of the Grand Ole Opry but still like to get in the groove, the opportunities to see live music that’s a little less country are endless.

The Sutler

The Sutler

The Sutler is home to Bluegrass Brunch every Saturday and Sunday, but this revived saloon in the Melrose area features entertainment from musical genres across the board.

Case in point: On weekends, DJ Foldy holds late-night dance parties, where he spins new favorites and old classics in hip-hop and house music.

Thursdays: It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday: #TBT is a nostalgia trip back to the 90s with a mix of hip-hop, pop, rock and more — anything from Boyz II Men to Metallica.

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‘Guy With A Girl’ Celebration Held by BMI

Mar 1, 2017

The Sutler Saloon was packed February 28 in celebration of BMI artist Blake Shelton and the writers of “Guy with a Girl.” The chart-topping song was written by BMI songwriter Bryan Simpson and songwriter Ashley Gorley and is the fourth single off Shelton’s tenth studio album If I’m Honest. Shelton has a stacked lineup of tours throughout the spring and summer, hitting everywhere from Kentucky to Colorado.

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Justin Moore Shoots Music Video at The Sutler

Jan 16, 2017

The Sutler was chosen as the backdrop for Big Machine recording artist, Justin Moore's latest music video! “Somebody Else Will” is Justin's second single from the album Kinda Don’t Care.

Check out the music video below.

The behind the scenes look at the making of “Somebody Else Will” music video.


Music video by Justin Moore performing Somebody Else Will. (C) 2017 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Cares About Melrose Billiards

Aug 22, 2016

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Cares About Melrose Billiards:

It’s no secret that change is afoot in Melrose. My company, A.Ray Hospitality, which owns M.L.Rose and The Sutler was offered a new lease on the Melrose Billiards space beginning in October 2016, and we have accepted. I do not own the building and I did not make the decision whether to let the current tenants stay. I was presented with the opportunity to take over the space, and my decision to take it on has not been an easy one. I accepted this challenge knowing that it could otherwise go on the open market for lease.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that Melrose Billiards will close next month. That’s a bit misleading. It will close temporarily for some building updates and careful tweaking, and then reopen. As funny as I think the tiki bar rumor is, it isn’t true. It will be a gritty, well-loved, worn-in bar where you can still drink cold beer out of a plastic cup, play ping pong and pool, listen to great music, and get a decent drink (served by someone who will pay attention to you, but not wearing suspenders). We want you to walk down those stairs in a few months and still get that soothing feeling that you are “home”, leaving the surface world behind.

I don’t know what this pool hall was like when it first opened in 1942. The current operators didn’t own it then, and neither did I. I do know the place decomposed enough over some period of time to become known as a dive bar – and I like dive bars. It took 70 years of Nashville to make this place what it is today, through changes in neighbors, customers, economies, and ownership. Now it’s my charge to carry the torch forward and make sure it’s around for another 70 years. If I do it right, I won’t own it forever either.

A lot of us wish we could turn the clock back in Melrose. A little back story on the building that I think it’s important to understand - the current owner of the building bought it from someone else who, between [roughly] 2008 and 2012:

• Evicted and razed Melrose Lanes with no apparent plan to replace what was there
• Evicted the original Sutler
• Was working on a deal to put a Starbucks in where locally owned Sinema is today
• There was a deal being considered to demolish the entire building and put a major grocery store and new retail center in

In 2008, I risked everything I had to open M.L.Rose when there was almost nothing nearby, besides Melrose Billiards, but fast food places, corporate pawn shops, and other places that can truly destroy the culture of a neighborhood. The M.L. location in Sylvan Park salvaged a 1920’s era service station when it would have been more cost effective to demolish it and start over. Whether you like what we did with The Sutler or not, it was dead and gone for 8 years before we took a chance on that project. The memory of the place was all but gone. We reopened - not as the same place - but as a place that pays homage to the 30-year history there.

There are several physical factors at the Billiards space that will allow us to stay pretty close to the current vibe, which is exciting to me. I don’t expect everyone to like the finished product. When you do anything to a long-beloved dive bar it will set some people off, and I get that. I’m willing to take the hits. It’s that important to me.

I was born at Baptist Hospital, grew up about a mile from Melrose, went to Hillsboro High, and bowled with my family and friends at Melrose Lanes as a kid. Now I’m emotionally and financially invested in, like it or not, a “new Nashville” market that requires us to make money and pay higher rents to stay alive. The meteoric change in Nashville isn’t happening in the way we would all like it to. It can’t. Change comes whether we like it or not, but sometimes we get lucky enough to influence how it happens and keep some things alive that might otherwise fade away forever.

I hope to see you down those stairs in a few months and I also hope you take the rumor mill with a grain of salt. This has all happened quickly and we’re working hard to get the details right. All I ask is for a little trust from my fellow natives in the meantime.


Austin Ray

BMI Aims For Rising Songwriters With Young Guns Showcase Series

Jul 19, 2016


BMI will continue a new monthly showcase, known as Young Guns, at The Sutler Saloon, sponsored by Pickers Vodka, with sound by Bose Professional.

Open to the public, the free showcase will highlight the top up-and-coming country singers and songwriters in town, chosen by BMI.

“We love The Sutler,” says David Preston, Director of Writer-Publisher Relations, Nashville. “It’s the perfect backdrop for top new country songwriters to show their skill.”

Starting at 8 p.m., three acts will play each showcase, held on the last Wednesday of every month. The next showcase, to be held July 27, will have Brandon Green, Painted West and Jet Black & The Cadillacs performing. June’s kick-off featured Tristen Smith, Ashla Taylor and Todd O’Neil.

“We’ve taken the time to build a dynamic live music program at The Sutler that is a hat tip to its rich history, as well as a commitment to Nashville’s current music scene,” says The Sutler’s General Manager Kevin Jones. “Bringing Young Guns to the stage is especially exciting because our guests will get to hear music from talented artists that are hand-selected by the experts at BMI.”

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10 Spots in Nashville to Get Down with a DJ!

Jul 12, 2016

It's no secret that Nashville's known for its live music scene and happening honky tonks, but if you're a local who wants to go beyond two-stepping and get down with live DJ sets, I've got the destination for you! Whether it's a monthly themed dance party, throwback session or all-night affair, you'll find it all here.

The full list can be found here.



Get low at Friends in Lo-Places at The Sutler every Thursday night at 9pm. Click here for more info.

If Friday nights are more your thing, don't miss Friday Night Shakedown at The Sutler. This late night dance party start at 11pm, and don't forget your comfy shoes...you'll definitely need them. For the details on Shakedown, click here.

Nashville Eats & Treats: Fried & True Edition

May 23, 2016

The Sutler’s triple pork-fat fried fries are stellar. Out of this world. Perfectly crispy and amazingly flavorful, and yet, despite the name, they don’t taste like bacon or pork (which I consider a good thing). Pure flavor. Gimme gimme!

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Amanda Virgillito
Squeaky Wheel Public Relations